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Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Since Pure silver is very soft (much like pure gold) the copper provides the added strength and wearibility of sterling.

Vermeil is a heavy plating of gold over sterling silver. If properly cared for, the gold will last for a long time.

14K Gold Filled is a layer of 14K Gold mechanically bonded to a base metal (usually a brass composition). The amount of 14K Gold must equal a minimum of 1/20th of the total weight of the metal. Gold Filled jewelry is not to be compared with gold electroplated jewelry. All the gold in a gold-filled piece of jewelry is on the surface. That is why gold filled wears so well and looks like solid 14K Gold because on the surface it is solid 14K Gold


All Silver or Gold-filled/ Vermeil
All Silver or Gold-filled/ Vermeil

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